A passion to create things. 

About me

I've been fascinated by code since my dad showed me QBASIC as a child. I love the idea of making something from nothing and being in complete control of the logic and look. I spent many years after high school playing and recording music but, as the pandemic raged on, I felt the need to switch things up and began to focus more heavily on code. I completed the Web Dev diploma program with BrainStation back in 2020 and was then hired back on a three month contract as a teaching assistant - allowing me to strengthen all the skills I'd just learned while helping others do the same.

Since then, I've been searching for my first junior development role. I managed to find a service desk job in 2021, in hopes that this could lead me to a more web dev featured role, but alas, this was not the case. I have since been working as a bartender while I use my free time to develop my coding skills further and learn new tech and frameworks.

I'm most comfortable with Javascript and ReactJS but have recently been exploring newer tools such as NextJS and Tailwind for styling. I'm also very interested in creative libraries such as tone.js for audio and p5.js for visuals. I am fascinated by generative arts of all sorts and many of my personal projects reflect that. Thanks for taking the time to read about myself - I feel that my passion and hunger for knowledge can make me very useful, given the right bit of nurture.


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  • Teaching Assistant  @ BrainStation

    Mar 2021 - June 2021 (three month contract) | Vancouver, Canada (remote)

    Providing support, code reviews and mentorship to students throughout the Spring 2021 Web Development diploma program. Taking care of administrative tasks such as project marking, attendance tracking, morning challenge delivery, code review sessions via Zoom, as well as just being available for students. Hosting whiteboarding sessions with small groups of students. Marking and providing feedback for all submitted proejcts.

  • Junior Service Desk Analyst  @ Pela

    Aug 2021 - Feb 2022 | Kelowna, Canada

    Creating internal help articles and documentation for common issues and order troubleshooting as well as new processes as they are implemented. Managing and troubleshooting integrations between Shopify, Netsuite, warehouses and marketplaces. Facilitating internal IT help desk requests such as account management, access control, onboarding and order troubleshooting. Working closely with Customer Experience and Operations to monitor e-commerce order flows to ensure orders are routing and fulfilling as expected.


  • Web Development Diploma

    Jan 2021 - April 2021 | BrainStation

    The BrainStation Web Development Bootcamp is an intensive and immersive program designed to equip students with the technical and professional skills required to become a successful web developer. The program is delivered through a blended learning approach that combines in-class instruction, online learning, and hands-on projects. Over the course of 12 weeks, students will learn front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as back-end development using Node.js and React. The curriculum also covers key topics such as web development frameworks, APIs, database management, and deployment. In addition to technical skills, the program also focuses on soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and project management to prepare students for the demands of the industry. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have a strong portfolio of projects to showcase to potential employers and a solid foundation to start their career in web development.

  • Colt Steele Fullstack Web Development Course

    Aug 2020 - Dec 2020 | Online

    Colt Steele's Fullstack Web Development course is a comprehensive program designed to provide students with a strong foundation in web development. The course covers a wide range of topics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React, MongoDB, and more. The program is delivered through a combination of video lectures, hands-on projects, and quizzes to reinforce learning. Throughout the course, students will build real-world applications such as a Yelp-style restaurant review website, a Twitter clone, and a full-stack e-commerce site. The program also covers important topics such as web development frameworks, RESTful APIs, authentication and authorization, and deployment. In addition to technical skills, the course also emphasizes the importance of soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and project management.

  • Wes Bos' JavaScript 30 Course

    Mar 2020 - Apr 2020 | Online

    Wes Bos' Javascript 30 is a free 30-day course designed to help students improve their Javascript skills by building 30 projects in 30 days. The program is delivered through a series of short video tutorials, each focusing on a specific project that students can build using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The course covers a wide range of topics including CSS manipulation, working with the DOM, making AJAX calls, building interactive UI components, and more. Throughout the course, students will build a variety of projects such as a drum kit, a clock, a CSS variable update, and more. In addition to technical skills, the course also emphasizes the importance of problem-solving, debugging, and best practices. The course is designed for developers of all levels, from beginners to experienced developers looking to refresh their skills. Upon completion of the course, students will have built a strong portfolio of projects that demonstrate their Javascript skills and a solid foundation to continue their learning.